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Duplicate Key Values Behaviour Change

16 July 2012

Data Sync Release: 3.0.568

We have an update to the way Data Sync handles Duplicate Key values, previously during the load when Data Sync hit a duplicate key value it caused an internal exception and we displayed a list of keys showing you the exception. You would then need to either adjust the Key column in the schema map or fix the data to ensure all rows were unique.

Duplicate Key

This would keep happening for every duplicate key in your data source and it could be quite time consuming correcting the data to ensure that the key values are unique.

We have now changed this behaviour so that duplicate keys no longer cause the application to stop but rather the duplicate key rows are excluded from the comparison data set and flagged as a duplicate. When you preview the Data from the Schema Map PreviewA/B functions you will see a error icon next to the duplicate rows and a message at the bottom indicating how many duplicates there are in the result set. This provides a quick visual indication to whether your Key selection is correct.


likewise the comparison results will show that some rows were excluded but it will not prevent the comparison from running.


It is possible to force an error if there are duplicates via the Project Automation feature. You can simply test for Duplicates before the Compare and throw an exception to stop the process like this below.

Project Automation

When you run the compare with this check Data Sync will simply show the error or log the error when running from the Run Tool.


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