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Automatic Schema Mapping

21 October 2015

We have a new Schema Mapping feature in the latest Data Sync Beta release that is designed to assist in the mapping of a Source system to a Target System.

This new auto mapping feature will look at the schema column names, data types and also a snapshot of the Data to automatically generate the Schema Mapping.

Lets take an Example, Here we have the Northwind SQL Demo Database Products table as our source.


I have created a CSV file with some of the data, 10 rows and modified the names of some of the columns to see whether Data Sync an Automatically map this for us.


The default mapping gets this far, not really very good, the column names do not match enough to get any sensible default mapping.


However if we select the AutoMapper from the Schema Map Toolbar.

Auto Mapper

Select the default options.


We now get a much better result, in fact the Auto Mapper has successfully managed to map all the Columns.


You will notice that CategoryID and SupplierID columns are mapped correctly even though the data is very similar and we even managed to map Discontinued to Enabled based entirely on the data values.

The Options of the Auto Mapper allow you to remove columns that have no data i.e. are all NULL on the source and columns that just have a default value i.e. are all the same. This is handy when you have many columns in your data sources but you want to find the columns that contain data.

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