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Ouvvi v3 Data Change Set Feature

A new feature available in Ouvvi V3.

11 April 2017

With Ouvvi v3 we have a new feature to record the Data Change Set that was created by Data Sync projects. We record both the high level statistics i.e. number of ADD/UPDATE/DELETE actions against the target data source and the actual data affected.

Below in the Screenshot you can see the instance log for the “Service Desk Integration” project this project has a few steps and each time it runs at 8AM you can see we have a summary of the records affected.


Now selecting a log instance from the list allows us to drill-in to what actually happened. We can see each step, the number of rows in both Source and Target and the individual changes applied for each step. This data is stored within the Ouvvi v3 database as a compressed binary blob against the log instance and step.

Log Instance

We can then drill in further and view the actual data that was affected, here we can see a new customer renewal being added to our HelpDesk CRM.

Data Affected

It's also possible to download the change set as an XML document and we have a new connector for Data Sync that can read this XML format.

XML Output

Hopefully you can see that this is a great new feature for Ouvvi and Data Sync and not something available from other vendors.

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