Connecting to Dynamics 365 via OAuth

Data Sync has a provider that will connect to your Dynamics 365 Online using the OAuth2 endpoint, enabling you to import, migrate and export data.

To connect go to 'Connect Datasource' in either the source (Data Source A) or the target (Data Source B), and select the Dynamics 365 connector.

Requires version 3.0.1254 or higher

OAuth2 Connection


This is the URL to your Dynamics 365 Organisation Service SOAP\WCF service.

This URL will be similar to: .

To get your Organisation URL go to Settings > Customizations > Developer Info in Dynamics 365.

Auth Type

Set this to Oauth2 from the dropdown list.


This will be your ClientID.


This is your Client Secret.


If you set this to your Azure AD domain then Data Sync will look for your Azure Tenant and discover your Token Endpoint URL automatically, otherwise please set this to your Token Endpoint URL.

Entity Name

Once you have added all the connection details above you can choose the entity you wish to connect to from the dropdown.