How To

Active Directory Users to SharePoint List

The following article and video will cover how to import Active Directory Users to a new or existing SharePoint List.

Connect to your Source (Active Directory) & Target (SharePoint)

You need to start by connecting your Data Source A to Active Directory Users Attribute using the Active Directory V2 - Users connector and then entering the LDAP path to you Active Directory. Full details on how to do this can be found here.

Connect to Active Directory

Then you need to connect your target (Data Source B) to your SharePoint list. Our details on how to connect to SharePoint can be found here.

Connect to SharePoint Online

If you want to create a new SharePoint list to hold your Active Directory Users you can create one directly from Data Sync. Add the columns you want to include to your schema map and then go to Tools > Create SharePoint List.

Create New SharePoint List

Now follow through the wizard to select your site and then type in a name for your new list.

Configure your Schema Map

Join the corresponding target columns to your source columns and select a key column (unique identifier). This could be the account name, employee ID etc.

Compare and Synchronise

Once you have the schema map configured, click the Compare A > B button in the toolbar to run the comparison. This will then show you any additions, updates or deletions that need to be made. Click onto the green plus to view the additions, the blue diamond to show the updates, or the red minus to show the deletions.

Please note that deletes are disabled by default and so will not be applied unless you enable them.

Once you are happy click the Synchronise button and then Start to begin the sync. Your Active Directory users will then be added to your SharePoint List.