How To

Referencing Custom .NET Assemblies

In Data Sync you can Reference external assemblies that are not part of Data Sync with Dynamic Columns or Project Automation.

There are two steps:

Update Project Properties

You need to update the project properties to define the location of the assembly. TO do this open Data Sync and navigate to File > Properties. This will display the Project Properties dialog.

Project Properties

Select the Assemblies Property by clicking the ellipsis (...) which will show the list of the Assemblies references.


Click Add and enter the path to the Assembly, for example: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Azure\.NET SDK\v2.3\bin\Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.dll

Enter Assembly

Reference the assembly

Now you can reference the assembly contents in the Using clause of Project Automation and Dynamic Columns:

Project Automation - Reference Assembly