How To

Resolve an Excel Connection Issue

To connect to Excel we use the Microsoft Office Drivers on a 32 bit system this is JET for XLS files and ACE for XLSX files. On a 64 bit system JET is unavailable so we use ACE.

If you do not have the Microsoft Access Runtime installed you can download the runtime from here.

Note: if you have 32 bit office installed you cannot install the 64 bit runtime.

If you have 32 bit office installed you can either:

1 - Run the 32 Bit version of Data Sync (Simego.DataSync.Studio32.exe) which can be found at the following path C:\Program Files\Simego\Data Synchronisation Studio 3.0..

NB: If you are scheduling using the run tool you will also need to run 32 bit version of the run tool as well (Simego.DataSync.Run32.exe).

2 - Uninstall 32 Bit Office and Install 64 Bit office instead.

If your running Data Sync on a server the recommended configuration is to keep all components 64 bit therefore you should run the 64 bit version of the Microsoft Office runtime.