How To

Scheduling a Synchronisation using Windows Scheduler

Once you have created a synchronisation with data sync there is often a requirement to automate that synchronisation. There are three ways to schedule a Data Sync project:

  1. Use the 'Create Scheduled Task' from the Data Sync Developer
  2. Use the 'Create Scheduled Task' from the Data Sync Run Tool
  3. Use Ouvvi (Data Sync's management system) and project automation to schedule a project that includes the Data Sync project.

In this tutorial we will be looking how to schedule a single project from Data Sync Developer and Run Tool.

Using the 'Create Scheduled Task' in Data Sync Developer

Open an existing Data Sync project, for example the one created from the lookup tutorial. The select Tools menu and Create Scheduled Task.

This will display the Create Scheduled Task window, which will look similar to the below.

If the Data Sync Project to Schedule box is blank you may not have saved the project before opening the scheduler.

You can now update the settings to run periodically during the day. If you want a more complex schedule you can change this in a later step. When you select OK you will be prompted for you password so then the task(s) can still be run when you are not logged in.

Completing this set password dialog will create a scheduled task within the 'Task Scheduler' subsystem of windows.

Further editing the scheduling time

Open the Task Scheduler manager in windows.

Double click the Data Sync Task to edit the task schedule.

You can now open the Triggers tab and then specify which trigger you wish to add to the schedule. You can also further edit these triggers as per your requirements.

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