How To

Exchange Calendar Items to an XML RSS Feed

This tutorial will guide you on how to connect Microsoft Exchange Calendar items to an XML RSS Feed for Digital signage solutions.

Connect to Exchange

First connect to your source Exchange Calendar with the Exchange Web Services (Appointments) Provider, enter the URL to the Exchange Web Services this has a default value for Office365.

Connect to Exchange

Enter your credentials and add a mailbox to return calendar items from. To Add a mailbox, click on the ellipsis (...) and add the mailbox to the string collection editor.


Connect to the RSS/XML File

Connect the Target to the RSS/XML File provider and enter a path for the Xml file in the XmlDocumentUrl parameter.

Connect to RSS

Apply Mapping Rules

Pressing OK triggers the Mapping Rules, select the Exchange Calendar to RSS (Navori) rule set to apply the default configuration for Navori XML file.

Mapping Rules

This sets up the project for you to copy current and future appointments for the current day to the XML file. You can adjust how many days to return by changing the setting DaysForwardToReturn.


Run the Compare

Press the Compare A->B toolbar button to compare the data and view the results.

Compare A to B

Compare Results

Run the Sync

Then click Synchroniseand Start to apply the changes to the XML File.



This then creates an XML/RSS file that you can use with your Digital Signage system.


To schedule the project using the Run Tool check out our training article.