How To

Import SharePoint Security Group Members

The following guide covers how to sync Active Directory Group Members into SharePoint Security Groups.

Connect to Active Directory

To get started connect the Source to your Active Directory.

In this example we use a LDAP Filter to return only those users of a specific AD group, for example:
(&(objectClass=User)(memberOf=CN=SharePoint Team Users,CN=Users,DC=corp,DC=litware,DC=inc))

Connect to AD

Connect to SharePoint Security Groups

Now connect the target to the SharePoint Security Groups provider and choose the SharePoint Group to synchronise to from the User Group dropdown.

Connect to SharePoint

Map the Columns

Adjust the schema map like this so that the AD Account Name is mapped to Login name and Display Name is mapped to Name.
Account Name should be the Key Column.

Schema Map

Compare and Sync

Run the compare by clicking Compare A > B and then click Synchronise to begin syncing the results to SharePoint. Compare Results

After the synchronisation you can see the Group Members are populated.

SharePoint Group Members

Now that the users have been correctly added to SharePoint you can also setup a standard SharePoint List sync with the User Information List to populate other meta data from AD into SharePoint.