Run Tool

Scheduling Run Tool Projects

Once you have built your Run Tool project, it is likely you will want this to run unattended. We have multiple options available for you to choose from and you can decide which of these you would prefer to use.

Simego Online

This is our cloud platform that you can access anywhere and is used to schedule your Run Tool projects.

Simego Online works by having the application and underlying database stored in the cloud. The only data we hold in the database is your path to your Run Tool project, any user credentials (unless you are using Azure AD), and log data for the last 7 days. All of these details are encrypted at rest.

Your data and the functioning of your Simego Online Instance are all processed by the Service Agent which runs on your local hardware so it never passes to our system. This means that you can be reassured that your data is only handled by you and can therefore only be accessed by you.

Simego Online Design

To get started ask us for a tenant, log in, add a project with a step to run your Run Tool project and then schedule it to run.

You can add additional steps to these projects such as a GIT pull command to ensure you have the latest version, and a project status report emailed directly from the system either every time it runs or if it fails.


If you would rather a program that is on your hardware, then you can use Ouvvi to schedule your Run Tool projects. Ouvvi contains both time and event based triggers and many step handler types. If you haven't used Ouvvi before then check out our training.

Windows Task Scheduler

You can use the built in scheduler from Microsoft to schedule each project to run.

Command Line

You can also run your Run Tool projects from the command line, passing in any variables you may need.