Schedule Using The Run Tool

The below tutorial will cover what the run tool is and how you can use it to schedule your project.

The Data Sync Run Tool enables you to run multiple Data Sync projects in a sequence and then schedule these via the Windows Task Scheduler or SQL Agent.

Please note that you will need the minimum of a Server License to run via the Task Scheduler or any other unattended scheduler.

You can open the run tool from Data Sync by going to Tools > Open in Run Tool.

Open Run Tool

Data Sync projects can then be added to the run tool project (.dsrun) by importing each project file from the file menu.

Import Project

You can then set the running order by highlighting the project you wish to move and clicking the Move Up and Move Down buttons. Once you are happy with the order test that the project runs by clicking Run.

Run Tool

When running multiple projects in the run tool you can stop them by clicking Stop. However the stop will occur on the next project, as you cannot stop a project that is currently running in the run tool as the operation must complete first.

The run tool will retain a log of each process that occurs within Data Sync, this can be viewed from the log tab next to steps.

Run Tool Log

Creating a Schedule

To create a schedule for the run tool project first ensure you have saved your project, then go to Tools > Create Scheduled Task.

Create Scheduled Task

You can then choose the days to run the schedule and at what repeat interval you would like. Once you are happy with your configuration click OK.

Task Scheduler

You will then be asked for your password to save in the schedule. If you need to modify the schedule further you can so by modifying it through the Windows Task Scheduler (taskschd.msc) interface.

Windows Task Scheduler

You can also run a task manually from the command line options like below:

 C:\Program Files\Simego\Data Synchronisation Studio 3.0\Simego.DataSync.Run.exe "project.dsrun" -execute -window:minimize