Scheduling Run Tool Projects

Once you have built your Run Tool project, it is likely you will want this to run unattended at a set interval.

We recommend using Simego Online to schedule your Run Tool projects as it is the quickest and easiest option.

Simego Online is our cloud platform that you can access anywhere and is used to schedule your Run Tool projects.

Simego Online works by having the application and underlying database stored in the cloud. The only data we hold in the database is your path to your Run Tool project, any user credentials (unless you are using Azure AD), and log data for the last 7 days. All of these details are encrypted at rest.

To get started with Simego Online send our helpdesk an email to request an tenant. We will then give you a link to a tenant specific to your organisation.

You will need to enter your license key to Simego Online and install a processing agent on the machine with your Run Tool projects and steps. This is so then Simego Online can start the jobs on your machine at the schedule you set. Then you just add the path to each of your Run Tool Projects and add a trigger to make them run.

Alternatively you can use Ouvvi, Windows Task Scheduler, or the Command Line to run your projects.

How to Schedule your Projects with Simego Online

Register your License Key

To register your license key go to Settings > Register License Key. Enter in your license and then click Register.

Activated Simego Online

Install an Agent

Now we need to install an processing agent. To do this go to Services > System Services > Install Agent. Enter in a unique name for your agent, we generally use the name of the machine it is to be installed on, and then click Next Step.

Now copy the connection string and then open Data Sync. Agent Connection String

In Data Sync go to Tools > Simego Online Agent Manager and click onto the icon to add a new agent. Paste the connection string you just copied into the box and click OK.

Enter in a name for your Agent and click OK

Agent Configuration

You can now run your agent as a windows application, create a desktop shortcut to make this quicker to run when you start your machine or you can install the agent as a Windows Service. To start the service right click onto your agent and select Run from the list.

Start Agent

You should see a Simego icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop showing that the agent is running. You can now go back to Simego Online and begin creating your projects.

Create the Project

To begin scheduling, you need to create a project to hold your steps. You can do this either by clicking onto the book icon at the top right of the page or by browsing to projects and clicking New.

New Simego Online Project

Enter in a name for your Simego Online project and type in a description. Once you are done click Save.

Add the Run Tool Step

Now you need to add a step to run your Run Tool Project. To do this go to Add Step and select DataSync RunTool Project from the list.

Add Run Tool Step

Enter in a name for your step and then define the path to your Run Tool project. Once you are done click Save to save and create the step.

You should use either a local path or a UNC shared drive as mapped drives require a loaded user profile.

If you run different connection libraries, for example DEV and Prod, then you can specify which connection library you want to use when running this step. Otherwise you can leave this blank.

Run Tool Project Step Configuration

It is good practice to try running the project to make sure it runs as expected. To do this click the Start button.

If you want to add additional steps you can do so by clicking onto Add Step and selecting the step type from the list. The full list of step types you can use can be seen here.

Add the Schedule

Once the project is configured and running as expected, we need to add a trigger to schedule it to run.

To add a trigger go to Add Trigger and either select a trigger from the list or click on more... to configure a new trigger.

Add Trigger