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Send an Email on Success or Failure

The Run Tool has the capability of notifying you when a project has run successfully or failed. This can be extremely useful to identify quickly if they fail due to changes in the environment (network connectivity, changes in schema etc.)

If you are using the 'Run Tool' for automation you will have to configure an additional step at the end of your project.

In Data Sync go to Tools > Open in Run Tool. This will open the Run Tool and you should see your project listed as the first step.

Run Tool

Configure the SMTP Settings

Go to Tools menu choose 'Options', you will see the Options screen for configuring a SMTP server used to send email. The settings used here are for Office 365.

SMTP Server Settings

Add the Email Step

We now need to add the Email Step. Click Insert and choose Send Email Step. This adds a new 'Send Email' Step to the list of steps in the project.

Send Email Step

Email Configuration

To configure the email to be sent on failure we need to changes some of the configuration settings:

Email Configuration

Setting Description
From This list who the email should be sent from. For ease of management leaving this as the user you used in the SMTP setup is preferable
HTML Body This setting indicates whether the 'Message' value should be interpreted as HTML and the email sent as HTML formatted.
Message This is the content of the email, in some cases it is a good idea to have a description of why the message as sent.
Name This is just the name of the step in the Run Tool project.
Subject This value is used as the subject in the email.
To This value is the email address to send the email message to.
Run Condition This value is used to decide when the email should be sent.Success : The email is sent when the previous steps where successful. Failure : The email is sent when the previous steps failed.Any : The email will be sent even if there we previous failed or successful steps.

Run the project

Run the project by clicking on the Run button in the task Bar. Each step should now go green if it was successful.

All Steps Run

If you have any problems or need more details look at the 'Log' tab.

Log Tab