User Guide

Connecting to MariaDB

To use a Maria Database with the SQL Query tool you will first need to download the correct driver, this is the same as the MySQL driver. You can do this at the following link:

Download Driver

Once the driver has downloaded, close (if you haven't already) and reopen Data Sync.

Now go to Tools > SQL Query Tool > Connection and choose the MySQL Data Provider from the drop down list.

Provider Selection

Connection Properties

At a minimum you will need to enter the following into the connection properties window:

The server address of your MariaDB.

The MaraiDB SQL database to connect to.

The port to use for TCP/IP connections.

The user ID to be used when connecting to the server.

The password to be used when connecting to the server.

The SSL Properties for the connection. Set this to 'None' if you do not have any.

MariaDB Connection