How To

Send an Email Report on Failure

Using the Ouvvi Project Status Report step you can send an email report to one or a group of emails to notify you that the project has failed.

The report sent will send you a log output of the error so that you can begin diagnosing the issue straight away.

SMTP Configuration

You will need to have added your SMTP settings to the System Settings in order to send any emails from Ouvvi.

To do this go to Settings > System Settings and locate the SMTP Email section.

SMTP Email

Please note that Ouvvi does not support anonymous server settings so you will need to enter valid user credentials

Complete the fields with your information and then click Save at the bottom of the page.

Parameter Value
Username Your SMTP Server Username.
Password Your SMTP Server Password.
SMTP Server The SMTP Server name for sending emails. For outlook this is
Port The SMTP Server port. For Outlook this is 587.

The checkbox specifies whether your SMTP server uses SSL or not.


To configure sending an email on failure, add a step to your Ouvvi Project and select Ouvvi Project Status Report from the list.

Type in a name for your step and set the run condition to Failure, to receive the report when the project has failed.

Now enter in the required parameters listed below and then click Save.

Parameter Value
From Email address to send the report from.
To, CC, Bcc Email addresses to send the report to separated with a ;
Subject Email Subject line.

Status Email Configuration

If your project now fails, your email output will look something like this.

Failure Email