How To

Start a project by calling the URL

Ouvvi includes the ability to run a project by calling a specific url.

You will need the following details: 1 - The URL or your Ouvvi console eg: http://OuvviServer1 2 - The Id of your project you want to run.

Find the specific Project ID

Open up Ouvvi and select the project you want to be triggered:

Ouvvi Project ID

Looking in the URL you can find the ID of the project at the end of the URL. The id in this case is 3.

Create the URL and Test

To create the URL, add the Ouvvi server URL http://ouvviserver1 to the run section /projects/start/ and then the ID of the project giving in this case:


You can then test this by pasting the URL into an empty browser window and checking if the project has run.