Offline License Key Activation

If Ouvvi cannot access the internet to download the license document you will need to login to your Simego account and generate a license file.

Please note that this license file is a permanent license and cannot be deleted, you can only generate one file per product activation allowance.

If you do not have access to the account of the registered license holder then you can generate an offline license file going to the following link

For this you will need to know the order reference number (this will be on your 2Checkout invoice) and the license key you wish to manage.

No Access Login

You will then be taken to the license history page where you can view any online or offline activations.

You can create a new offline license file by completing the following steps.

Get the Client ID

To generate an offline license file you will need to get the Client ID that is specific to your Ouvvi instance and license key.

You can get this by going to Settings > Register License and then enter your license key into the license box. Do not click Activate.

The Client ID is then generated below the license box. Copy this to be used in a moment.

Client ID

Download the License File

Choose Ouvvi from the drop down and enter in the Client ID generated by Ouvvi when you enter in your license key.

Once the Client ID has been entered, click submit. This will generate a row in the activation for your license. You can then download this license file for use with your installation.

License File Download

Upload the License File

In Ouvvi go to Settings -> Register License, enter your license key into the box and then use the 'Upload' button to load the license file into the database.

You need to enter your license key into the box before clicking upload

Upload License