Setup Azure Web App Instance

This Setup guide is for a default new Ouvvi Instance on Azure App Service using Azure AD Authentication and Web Jobs for the running the Ouvvi steps.

System Requirements

  • Windows Azure App Service Plan
  • Windows Azure Web App
  • Azure SQL DB

Download Files to FTP to Azure Web App

You can obtain your FTP server address and password by downloading a publishing profile and opening the file with a text editor.

App Service

Create a new Web App via the Azure Portal.

We create the database separately since the Web + SQL option does not set-up the DB credentials.

Web App


Create a new SQL Database either via the Portal or by connecting to your SQL Server and using a Script.

CREATE DATABASE ouvvi ( EDITION = 'basic' );  

Connect to the Server and create a new Login

CREATE LOGIN ouvvi_login WITH PASSWORD = '<password>';

Connect to the Database and create a User for the Login and grant it db_owner for the set-up.

CREATE USER ouvvi_user FROM LOGIN ouvvi_login 
EXEC sp_addrolemember 'db_owner', 'ouvvi_user';


To complete the set-up, add the database Connection String, Application Settings, configure Azure AD then FTP the Ouvvi Files and complete set-up.

Connection Strings

Update the Azure Web App Application Connection Strings so that Ouvvi can connect to this new database. Create a new Connection String setting named DefaultConnection

Connection String Example

Data Source=tcp:<servername>.database.windows.net,1433;Initial Catalog=<databasename>;User Id=<loginname>@<servername>.database.windows.net;Password=<password>;Encrypt=True;TrustServerCertificate=False;

Connection Strings

Application Settings

Add the Application Settings DATASYNCINSTALLPATH and WEBSITE_LOAD_USER_PROFILE to your Web App.

Application Settings

Name Value

Complete Setup

To complete the set-up please follow the steps in the video to configure Azure AD and set-up Ouvvi.