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Additional Ouvvi Agent on the Same Machine

If you need to add an additional agent to the same machine, for example one using specific credentials with different permission levels, then follow the guide below to create and configure your agent manually.

Step 1

Copy the Service folder at C:\Program Files\Simego\Data Synchronisation Studio 3.0\Ouvvi\Service and then edit the Simego.Console.Service.exe.config file.

The MessageSignatureKey and OuvviServiceUrl must match your Ouvvi Tenant configuration, and you need to add an additional AppSetting with the key AgentName and the value of the name you want for the agent.

By default Ouvvi Agents use the machine name. Setting the App Setting Agent Name defines a unique name enabling you to install the additional agent.

Edit Service Agent Configuration

Step 2

In Ouvvi go to Services->System Services->Add Service Agent to register this machine in Ouvvi to run the Ouvvi Service Agent.

Provide the name you entered into the service config file as the Agent Name, Service Type is Agent Service and the Dependency Name should be the name you want to use for this dependency.

You will need to define a Dependency Name so then you can specify which agent your projects should use.

New Service Agent

Step 3

Use the windows sc.exe utility to Install the Ouvvi Service into Windows Service Control Manager

sc.exe create OuvviAgent binpath="C:\Ouvvi\Service\Simego.Console.Service.exe" type=own start=delayed-auto DisplayName="Ouvvi Processing Service (OuvviAgent)"

Edit the Ouvvi Agent Windows Service and set the Windows Account to run this Service.

Ouvvi Service Setup Ouvvi Service Setup

This Account must also be registered in Ouvvi User Profiles with Admin+Agent permission.

Step Configuration

You now need to configure your steps to run using this agent.

If you do not define the dependency then your projects will appear to work, but then fail. This is because Ouvvi will keep changing the agent it is using to process the job. Setting the dependency tells Ouvvi that it should use that agent to run this step.

To configure a step in Ouvvi to run on the new agent only set the Execute On parameter to the Dependency name you defined for the service.

Configure Ouvvi Step