Ouvvi V3

Manual License Key Activation

If Ouvvi cannot access the internet to download the license document you will need to login to your Simego account and generate a license file.

Please note that this license file is a permanent license and cannot be deleted, you can only generate one file per product activation allowance.

Access your Account

Log into your account to which the license(s) are assigned to on Simego.com. You may need to register for an account if you do not already have one.

Under license keys select the licence you wish to generate a file for. This will return an option at the bottom of the page where a license file can be generated.

License Details

You will need to enter the Client ID from the installation into the box above.

To determine your Client ID: Enter your license key into the product and tab away from the License Key field. This will ensure that the Client ID is updated.

NB: Data Sync and Ouvvi will generate different Client ID's so please ensure you use the correct ID when creating the activation file.

Download the License File

Once the Client ID has been entered, click submit. This will generate a row in the activation for your license. You can then download this license file for use with your installation.

License File Download

Upload the License File

In Ouvvi go to Settings -> Register License.

Register License

Then use the upload option to load the license file into the database.

Upload License