Update the Active Directory Manager Attribute

Updating Active Directory Manager Attribute

Step 1: Connect Data Source A and target to your Active Directory LDAP server

Connect the Source to using the active directory provider and set the details to the LDAP Path:


Step 2: Modify the Active Directory Configuration

By default we parse out the Manager field so that it's more suitable for input to SharePoint or something. However you can now switch off this parsing to get to the raw AD attribute value.

To update the manager you need to supply the full Distinguished name value of the AD Object you want to set which would be something like this below. CN=Sean Cleaver,CN=Users,DC=xxx,DC=xxx,DC=com Disable the TryParseValue and ReadOnly properties of the Manager field in the Property Collection on the AD Provider.

Property Collection Editor

Step 3: Configure a Manager dynamic field

Here I created a Dynamic Column to return the Distinguished Name of the Manager to set against the AD Users. Alternatively, you could use any attributes returned from the AD fields to set the manager's name.

Dynamic Columns

Step 4: Map the X-Managers Dynamics column to the Manager attribute

Now we just create a simple Schema Map mapping the X_Manager to Manager and using DSID as the Key column.

Schema Map

Schema Map

Step 5: Compare the Data and Synchronise

Now we just need to compare the data and synchronise the changes.

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