Setup a HTTP Change Trigger in Ouvvi (DS3 Server)

How to setup a HTTP Change Trigger in Ouvvi (DS3 Server)

Ouvvi Data Sync Team Server includes a HTTP Trigger for integration with custom solutions. This trigger calls an external HTTP service to evaluate whether the Trigger should be fired.

Step 1: Create a HTTP service for the custom trigger

The HTTP service should simply return the Date Time value of the last change in the format yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm:ss. Ouvvi will then use this value to determine whether the Trigger should fire. As this is a triggering system your service should return very quickly so that it does not tie up the internal Ouvvi trigger list.

Step 2: Connect the Ouvvi HTTP Trigger to your service

To configure this trigger simply add the 'Http Trigger'

Http Trigger

Step 3: Configure the service Method

Configure the URL and HTTP Method 'GET' or 'POST' if your service is authenticated you can enter Windows Credentials here as well.

Service Method

Step 4: Associate the Trigger with a project

Now simply associate this trigger with any projects you want to start when the Trigger fires.

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