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Import Files into a SharePoint Document Library

How to Import a File Share or Folder into a SharePoint 2010 Document Library

25 July 2012

Step 1: Connect your Source A to a file systems path

Connect Data source A to your Source Folder and ensure you set the property “WebFriendlyPaths” to True.




Step 2: Connect your Target Data source B to SharePoint using the SharePoint Client API provider this is for SharePoint 2010 only.




Step 3: Map your Source to your Target like this




Step 4: Compare and Synchronise the File Share and the Sharepoint 2010 Document Library

And that’s it Compare A->B and then Synchronise to copy the files from your Folder/Share into your SharePoint Document Library. Even the Created and Modified fields will match the File timestamps.

If you want to update Metadata columns at the same time you can by either using Dynamic columns to return values for the Metadata Columns or use a Lookup function against another Data Source to provide the values for your metadata.

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