Import Documents and Metadata to SharePoint Document Library

Importing files into a SharePoint Document Libaray

This example assumes you have a directory of files and meta data stored in an Excel Spreadsheet.

Here we have a directory of Word Documents that we plan to move into a SharePoint Document Library.


We have set up an Excel Spreadsheet with Sample Meta Data that we want to add to the documents during upload. The Sheet maps FileName to the actual Filename of the Word Document in the directory.

Meta Data

Finally we have an Empty Document Library with the Meta data columns created.

Document Library

To configure this import we first need to connect to the source which in this case is a directory on our server.

Connect Datasource A to the File System provider and choose the Path with the source files.

Connect Source

Next we need to connect the Target to SharePoint, Choose the Client API SharePoint Provider and enter the Site URL.

Connect Target

Clicking next opens the SharePoint Browser, use this to find the Document Library on your SharePoint site.

Locate Document Library

Data Sync prompts you to save this connection in the Connection Library you can skip this by pressing Close.

Save Connection

At this point Data Sync automatic mapping rule system will prompt you to select a rule to apply, press Apply to Apply this rule.

Mapping Rules

At this point Data Sync is configured to import the documents, however we have 1 more step as we want to add the Meta data.


Select the FullFileName column in Data Source A and press the Add Lookup button to create a Lookup.

Add Lookup

Find the Excel Provider and enter the Path to the Excel File

Find File

At this point Data Sync will ask how the Excel file rows relate to the File System, select FileName from the Dropdown so that Data Sync matches based on the filename in the Excel file.

Lookup Connection

Now you can setup the Schema Map so that the Custom Metadata columns from the Excel Lookup map across to the SharePoint Columns


Press the 'Compare A -> B' Button in the Toolbar to compare the source to the Target, Data Sync will then display the results and you can then confirm that they are correct before synchronising them with SharePoint.

Compare Results

Press the Synchronise Button to open the Synchronise Window and then Press Start to actually copy the data over.


Once complete you can check SharePoint to see that your Documents have been added to the SharePoint document Library and the Metadata is set.

Sync Complete


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