Connecting to a data Source (CSV File)

Tutorials showing how to connect DS3 to a CSV FIle

This introductory tutorial describes how to connect to a Data Source, how to include fields for synchronization and how to set a key column. In this tutorial we are using a csv file as a Data Source.

The sample csv file used contains 500 fictional US contacts available from here.

To begin download this file to a local directory where you can load it into DS3.

Open DS3 and connect to the CSV File by clicking on the 'Connect Data Source' on the left (Data Source A).


The Connect to a data source dialog will display. Select the'Text File' tab and then complete the file source details.

Connect to Data Source

Once you have connected to the CSV file, DS3 will use the information in the csv file's header to create a list of possible fields to include in the synchronisation. The Columns are shown in the 'Data Source A' section on the left

Data Source A

Checking or unchecking fields in the data source tree will add and remove them from the synchronization

Add and Remove

You can move a field up or down the list by selecting the row and pressing the 'Move Up' or the 'Move Down'. In addition you can remove a field by selecting it and pressing the 'Delete' button in the toolbar.

Selecting Key columns by checking the field in the 'Key Column'

The process of selecting key columns allows DS3 to reconcile the items in the source to the items in the target. Just as a social security number makes sure that no one mistakes one Joe Smith from another Joe Smith we have to choose a key or a set of keys that identify a contact. In this case the field email is unique.

Key Column

Clicking the 'Preview A' button at the top toolbar will display all of the data currently selected for inclusion in the synchronization

Preview A

If you select a key column which is not unique, DS3 will warn you in the Preview window (we have used firstname in this example)

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