Dynamics Timeout Error

03 February 2020

We are using Simego in a growing number of crm projects. For one of our current customers we experience since about 2 weeks performance/time-out issues, that we have not faced before.

"Combined execution time of incoming request exceeds limit of 1200000 milliseconds over time window of 300 second. Decrease number of concurrent request or reduce the duration of requests and try again later"

The integration between their ERP and CRM has been running for several years without problems. And suddenly I'm experiencing these errors.

Do you have an idea what could be the cause of it? Do you have similar requests from other customers?

Yes unfortunately we are now seeing this more and more due to the new API throttling Microsoft have implemented on Dynamics. This will be why you haven't had any issues until now.

We've implemented a few changes from version 3.0.1248, so that Data Sync responds to the Dynamics Throttling messages and waits, this way it prevents some of the errors. You can download the latest version here: https://www.simego.com/install/data-synchronisation-studio

You will find that the performance is greatly reduced, but unfortunately it seems this is the way Microsoft is going.