How can I connect to SFTP and FTP?

13 January 2021

I want to connect to SFTP and FTP, how can I do this with Data Sync?

We've created a SFTP connector that you can download from our GitHub here:

This wraps WinSCP to make it possible to connect to your SFTP or FTP server.

To use this go to the GitHub site above and click onto the release under Releases and download the zip file by clicking onto it.

GitHub Releases Location

Once this has downloaded, extract the files and copy the files within the folder to the Program Files Data Sync Folder.

C:\Program Files\Simego\Data Synchronisation Studio 3.0

Now go to Data Sync and open the connection window. Under File System you should now find WinSCP FTP/SFTP and you can then fill out the connector with your server details.

SFTP/FTP Conector