23 July 2021

Remapping the Ouvvi Connection Library

I would like to make Ouvvi use the same connection library as Data Sync (my local library). How can I do this?


Sometimes it can be confusing if you are running some Data Sync projects locally and some inside Ouvvi, which connection library your project is using. You can now re-map the Ouvvi connection library so that you can use your local (Data Sync) connection library on your machine/ server. This means that Data Sync and Ouvvi will use the same connections, so you will only need to update passwords etc. in one location.

To do this you need to add the local registry path under Settings > System Settings > Connection Library.

Change Connection Library

If you don't know the registry path, you can find it by opening Data Sync and double clicking on the url at the right of the bottom toolbar.

Registry Path

Once you have saved your settings, your local connection library will be uploaded into Ouvvi.