Where can I download previous versions of Data Sync from?

15 August 2019

I tried to upgrade to the latest version but my license key expired and will not work with it, how can I get a version of Data Sync that will work with my license key?

Or how can I get my license key to work with the latest version of Data Sync?

You will need to renew your support and maintenance to use the latest version of the software, please contact us (referencing your license key) and we can send you a link to your renewal.

The past major releases can be downloaded by using the link below but changing the version number at the end.


If the link returns an error i.e The specified blob does not exist. Then that version is not stored and was not a major release, try versions before to get to the last major release that your license can be used with.

You can see our release history here: https://www.simego.com/docs/data-sync/licensing/release-notes