03 December 2021

How to Create Hyperlinks in Podio Using Data Sync

To create HyperLink columns in Podio you need to map your URL value to the Link|original_id column. In this example Link is your Podio column name.

Connect to your Source & Target

To get started connect Datasource A to your source data and connect your Target to Podio

Configure the Schema Map

Then add the columns you want to add from your source and map these to the corresponding column in Podio.

Remember that the URL (hyperlink) value needs to be mapped to the Link|original_id column, and make sure to select a key column that can be used to uniquely identify each record.

Schema Map

Compare & Sync

Once your schema map is configured click Compare A > B in the toolbar to preview the changes that need to be applied.

To preview any additions click on the green plus icon, updates click on the blue diamond, and deletes click on the red minus.

Deletes are disabled by default to prevent accidental deletions but will still appear in the results if their are any. To enable delete set EnableDelete to True on your target.

Compare Results

To finish and add the results to Podio click Synchronise and then Start to begin the sync. Podio will then update the details about the link as an async task so please note that it might take a little while for all the links in Podio to show correctly.