02 December 2021

How to Import Active Directory Users into a New SQL Table

If you need to export your data from Active Directory into a new SQL table then read on to find out how Data Sync can make this possible.

The video below shows how you can use Data Synchronisation Studio to import Active Directory Users into a new SQL Table.

Connect to your Source (Active Directory)

To start you need to connect Data Source A to your Active Directory users object.

To do this go to the Active Directory V2 - Users connector and enter in the LDAP path to your Active Directory. To go to the global OU your LDAP path needs to contain your domain controller name, this could be similar to: LDAP://dc01/DC=lab,DC=simego,DC=com

To go to a specific organisational unit, your LDAP path would look similar to: LDAP://OU=demo,DC=lab,DC=simego,DC=com

Connect to Active Directory

Add Fields to the Schema Map

We now need to add the columns we want to be created in our SQL table to the schema map. Add and remove these from the data source A window as you need to. Once you are happy move onto the next step.

Create the New SQL Table

Data Sync has built in functionality so that you can create SQL tables from a menu. Go to Tools > Create SQL Table and then follow through the wizard to connect to your database and create the table.

Create a new SQL Table

The columns created in the new table will be based off your schema, so ensure that all the columns you need have been added to the schema map before creating the table.

Compare and Synchronise the Results

Once all the columns are matched up in the schema map you need to click the Compare A > B button to view the results. This will enable you to preview the additions to your new SQL table.

Now click the Synchronise button and then Start to begin the sync to add your user details to the SQL table.

Sync Button

To check the data has been synchronised successfully you can either browse to your SQL table or you can click onto the Preview data source in the target window.