02 December 2021

Using the Value Service to Update Ouvvi User Settings

The Value Store Service is a global Key Value store that can be used in Project Automation to update and set values at runtime. You might use this store for maintaining point in time data for incremental sync.

It can be used so that the values from Ouvvi User Settings can be returned and updated in Data Sync.

The value store will use the Ouvvi Instance for Storage of the Key values, whilst the project is under control of Ouvvi.

When you use the Store with Ouvvi the Key Guid is not required since it's not available in the Ouvvi Database, so you can either use a Static Guid value or use one of the Overrides that do not require a Guid and these will use Guid.Empty.

Example using an Ouvvi User Setting “GenCount” that defines how many rows should be created in a Data Sync project.

User Setting

This can then be used in project automation using ValueStoreService.GetValue.

Project Automation

At design time you need to open the Data Sync project from Ouvvi. The value store service will only get or set a value if the project is being run from Ouvvi.

You can also use ValueStoreService.SetValue to set a user setting value.