Data Synchronisation Studio - Basic Edition

For Data Import, Export, Migration and Integration

Our free basic edition is available to everyone and allows you to try out a few select features without a license.

Data Sync delivers Fast and reliable Data Integration processes for the Data Professional

Create your data integration projects with this powerful IDE, test and then run to complete your data synchronisation.

Basic Edition Features

You get full functionality, excluding the ability to schedule projects and create custom providers, all for FREE! So you can run Project Automation, create Dynamic and Calculated Columns, and run data synchronisation between data sources

  • Import + Export

    Import your data from various Data Sources quickly and easily. Apply Schema Mapping and Data Type conversion on the fly and Export your data to various formats.

  • Data Reconciliation

    Compare your Data with the target Dataset and create a difference Change set of ADD, UPDATE and DELETE actions to apply rather than drop all data and re-import.

  • Data Preview

    Preview all your data before any changes are applied and select which data you wish to change. Prevent those Oops moments!

  • Transformation

    Simple and Complex transformations via Data Synchronisation Studio Calculated Columns, Dynamic Columns and Lookup features.

  • Lookups

    Use powerful Lookups to lookup data in other Data Sources, Create Mapping Transformation tables and more.

  • Connection Library

    Manage your connection configuration via the Connection Library and quickly and easily connect to data sources from the library.

  • C# Code

    Use the .NET Framework to create your own powerful Data Transformation Expressions. Execute your own code before and after the project runs and more.

  • API

    Use Project Automation to hook into the process and run custom code.

Connect to your Data Sources

With the basic edition you can connect to the following Data Sources:

  • Databases - SQL Server, OleDb, ODBC, MySQL, Oracle, Access
  • File System
  • Flat files - CSV, TXT, XML, RSS, Excel, Open XML
  • Data Generator
  • Empty Datasource

Usage Scenarios

Below we've listed a few possible scenarios of how you might utilise this free edition.

  • Import Flat Files into SQL

    Data Sync is frequently used to import flat files such as CSV, Excel and XML files into databases such as SQL. For instance say you have a daily sales report that you receive as a CSV file and want to store this in your SQL database so that everything is contained in one location, you can do this with the basic edition.

  • Export from SQL to a Flat File

    How about we reverse the previous scenario and now you want to export some of the data from your SQL table into a flat file that can be distributed between managers or departments. You can do this with the basic edition within a few clicks. Simply connect to the SQL table, set the target to your desired flat file, set up your schema map with the required columns, compare and then sync.

  • Migrating SQL to SQL

    Do you have multiple SQL servers and need to migrate data between the two? You can achieve this with the Basic Edition of Data Sync.

  • Manipulating SQL Data

    You can use data sync to manipulate your SQL data by running SQL queries. Connecting the source and target to the same table will mean you can view all the changes being applied before the synchronisation so you can be in control and see your data every step of the way.

  • Transform Excel Data

    If you have multiple versions of an excel file and want to quickly see the changes that have been made between versions, use the comparison feature. You can apply filters to look for specific data and you can apply analysis grouping for a more statistical analysis.

  • Export data to Excel

    Maybe you wish to export the data contained in your database to an Excel file. You can do this by connecting to your database, setting up your schema map, previewing the data and then choosing export to Excel. It is also possible to export to XML and CSV file types.

Demo Video

Importing a CSV file into SQL

So What's the Catch?

There's no catch to the Basic Edition, you really do get all of the features mentioned above at no cost. If you are only using the basic edition feature you will not be asked to purchase a license. We want everyone to get using Data Sync and to see how simple your data integration and migration projects can be. Complex, expensive and non-intuitive software being a thing of the past!

We can bring it to you free as it does not have the full capabilities of the fully licensed software. With the limits being that you cannot connect to all of the connectors, you cannot create custom providers and you cannot schedule your projects (use Ouvvi) without a license. So only if you wish to get access to these features will you need to upgrade to a license (the software will prompt for a license key if you do try to use these.)