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Configure Office SharePoint 2007 Business Data Catalog

MOSS BDC Design Studio is a Tool to aid in writing the necessary XML Schema to connect Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Business Data Catalog to remote back end systems. Writing this XML by hand is both time consuming and error prone however with this tool you could be up and running within minutes instead of days.


*** Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Only ***

Supported Systems

  • Microsoft SQL Server Databases
  • OLEDB Data sources
  • ODBC Data sources
  • ORACLE Databases
  • Web Services

SQL Tables

Automatically Generates Entities, Finder, SpecificFinder and IDEnumerator methods from the database schema by simply dragging the Table onto the design surface from the inbuilt database schema explorer.

SQL Stored Procedures

SQL Server Stored Procedures are fully supported, browse the database schema and drag the procedure onto the design surface and the entity is discovered and wired up automatically.

Web Services

Simply connect MOSS BDC Design Studio to a Web Service URL and it will discover the Objects and Methods within the Web Service. You then just drag the objects onto the design surface.