Simego Online

Schedule and Monitor Data Sync Run Tool Projects from the Cloud

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What is Simego Online ?

Simego Online is a software as a service (SaaS) platform to enable you to manage and schedule your Data Sync Run Tool projects.
An Agent is installed on your machine which communicates with the Online Service to run your Data Sync projects. Your data flows between the Agent and your data sources to ensure that your data is never sent to Simego Online.
You create your Run Tool Projects on your local machine, tell Simego Online where they are and add a trigger to schedule them.
Use Simego Online to monitor and run your projects from the internet without sharing your project configuration with Simego Online.

Simego Online Features

Simego Online brings Project Management, Scheduling and Monitoring for your Data Sync Run Tool Projects

  • Web Interface

    Simego Online is a Cloud Service which you can access from anywhere.

  • Reporting

    Reporting will show a daily timeline of project execution and status. Drill down into individual projects to see historical execution statistics.

  • Logging

    Built in centralised logging of data events with management views to drill down into individual execution runs.

  • OnPremise Agent

    Data processing runs on your own infrastructure and is isolated from the Simego Service.

  • Triggers

    Use Triggers to run Tasks on a Schedule.

  • API

    Call the REST based API to start projects from external systems and monitor the execution progress.