Data Integration Solution: Data Synchronisation Studio for fast and easy Data Integration Pipelines

Save time and eliminate your complex workflows with Data Sync. Build your Data Integration processes in minutes not days.
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No-Code: Build No-Code Data Integration via visual mapping of source data columns to target columns, mix and match data connectors as needed.
Privacy focused: Self hosted, no analytics tracking, install and run locally no need for your data to leak to the Cloud!
Predictable costs: Annual subscription no cost per run or limits on how many connections you can use or volume of data processed.
Reliability: Been running perfectly for 15+ years with 100s of satisfied customers from all around the world.
Enterprise friendly: For companies running the Microsoft Stack SQL Server, SharePoint, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Built with the .NET Framework you can extend the functionality via built in extensibility and custom connectors with C# and .NET Framework.
Support: Get help from our technical experts to keep your Data Integration running and provide us feedback for future product enhancements.
New in Version 6! Connect to virtually any JSON based API with the JSON API Connector. Learn more ...

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