Add and Manage Members in a Podio Workspace

The Podio Members Data Sync connector can be used to add members to a workspace. For example you can use this with the Active Directory connector to keep users in sync with an Active Directory Group.

Most of the Data in the Members list is read only since in Podio's view it's owned by the user however you can add/remove users from the member list and set their security role.


Data Sync connects to Podio via the Podio OAuth 2.0 protocol, this requires an API Key combination of Client ID and Client Secret. Out of the box Data Sync has internal copies of our Keys it is recommend that for production use you generate your own keys this is because each key has it's own API limits.

Within your Podio account under API Keys create a new application and keep note of the Client ID and Client Secret.

Create Podio API Key

Contact Podio Support and mention Simego Data Sync Studio to increase your API limits on your Key.

It's recommended to use the Data Sync connection library with Podio since these keys need refreshing from time to time and it's much easier to setup this authentication once and re-use it.

To create your initial Connection locate the Podio Items connector and enter the connection details as follows

  1. Your API Client ID and Client Secret
  2. Your credentials click the ... box to sign into Podio and authorise the application to connect.
  3. Select an existing space to connect to
  4. Press Connect & Create Library Connection to connect to this app and create a library connection you can reuse.

Podio Connection

Members Map

To sync Podio Members from a Data source like Active Directory you need just the Email Address if your users should have different roles you will also need the Role for each user.

If no Role is defined then the default role set in the Podio Members data source properties is used instead.

Podio Members Map


Defines the Podio Role to be assigned to the member.

Role Name Description
Admin Admin user in the Workspace
Regular Regular user in the Workspace without Admin rights.
Light Mostly read-only in the Workspace


Allows you to add a message that is added to the welcome email sent by Podio to each user when they are added to the workspace.

Multiple Workspaces

To synchronise members across multiple Podio workspaces use the Podio Members connector for source and target and map either their Email Address or the Podio User ID and Role.