Ouvvi Automation Server

Ouvvi Automation Server brings your integration projects together into one easy to access and easy to manage system

Ouvvi brings Automation to your Integration Projects

Create reliable time and event based schedules to run your data integration processes at the right time, every time.

Enable multiple environments for a true DEV, UAT and PROD controlled process workflow.

Ouvvi Automation Server Features

Ouvvi brings reliable Run Book Automation and reporting to your Data Integration Tasks

  • Web Interface

    Ouvvi is deployed as a Web Application you can monitor and manage Ouvvi from a Web browser.

  • Reporting

    Reporting will show a daily timeline of project execution and status. Drill down into individual projects to see historical execution statistics.

  • Dashboards

    Create Dashboards to monitor the health and performance of Ouvvi projects.

  • Logging

    All logs from Tasks are stored in the Ouvvi SQL Database, Data Sync tasks can also store a copy of the actual Data change set.

  • Connection Library

    Manage your Data Sync Data source connection library details.

  • Configuration Management

    Create user variables to manage configuration properties and pass these to the Task configuration.

    Use Project Import + Export to migrate project configuration between environments.

  • Multiple Environments

    Deploy multiple isolated Ouvvi environments for example DEV, UAT and PROD.

  • SQL Database

    All configuration is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server Database. Easily backup and restore your complete integration platform.

  • Parallel Execution

    Ouvvi processes tasks from a Queue and will distribute work across multiple processing threads to run Tasks in parallel.

  • Triggers

    Use Triggers to run Tasks either on a Schedule or via external system change events.

  • API

    Call the REST based API to start projects from external systems and monitor the execution progress.

  • Custom Tasks

    Build custom Task Types with Visual Studio and deploy to your Ouvvi Server.

Built in centralised logging and real-time monitoring ensuring system confidence

Ouvvi collects all logging data events and provides management views to drill down into individual execution runs.
In the event of system failures these logs enable you to easily identify the root cause.