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Subscription Pricing

Simego integration solutions are designed to be straightforward to purchase, deploy, extend, administer and support. Our solutions give IT managers central control over their information infrastructure, including standards, security and auditing, while still offering business units the flexibility to react quickly to changing integration requirements. To simplify system administration, the Simego product suite is built on top of Microsoft technologies, deploys quickly and easily scales to accommodate both an increasing number of integrations and high-volume data growth.

Support and Maintenance

All Subscriptions include Support and Maintenance for the period of your Subscription.

Billing Currency:  
  • Developer

    1 - Developer

    • Development Use Only
    • Subscription License
    • Support and Maintenance

    $ 299.00  / Year

  • Server

    1 - Server

    • + 1 Developer License
    • + Ouvvi
    • Use in Production
    • Subscription License
    • Support and Maintenance

    $ 1,598.00  / Year

  • Server Plus

    3 - Servers

    • + 1 Developer License
    • + Ouvvi
    • Use in Production
    • Subscription License
    • Support and Maintenance

    $ 2,298.00  / Year

  • A Server is where you normally install Data Sync, there are no limits to the number of external systems you can connect to from a single server.
  • A Server License can be activated on 1 machine and a Server Plus License can be activated on 3 machines.
  • Ouvvi is limited to 3 instances per Server.
  • If you do not have a Server, Data Sync can be installed on a Workstation.
  • Developers using RDP to connect to the server and use Data Sync from the Server do not require a separate Developer License.
  • At the end of the subscription period a new subscription must be purchased for continued support and maintenance, you can continue to use your installed version without purchasing a new subscription.
Developer FAQ
  • Developer License - Developer Licenses are per developer each individual developer requires a license.
  • Developer Licenses allow a developer to install Data Sync on their local development machine and each Developer License can be activated on 3 machines.
  • Developer License can only run Data Sync packages Interactively it cannot be used for unattended scheduled execution.
Support & Maintenance
Simego Support provides you access to our first class dedicated Helpdesk with email support designed to answer queries, assist in resolving issues and help you with your integration tasks.
  •  Access to experts via our Helpdesk
  •  24 Hour email response time
  •  Access to all new releases and Beta builds
Up to 20 support incidents annually