Data Sync Studio for all your Data Import, Export, Migration and Integration needs

Data Sync delivers Quick yet Powerful and Reliable Data Integration processes for the Data Analyst and Developer

Data Synchronisation Studio

Data Synchronisation Studio is your Stand alone Data Integration designer, create your Data Integration projects with this powerful IDE test and then deploy to Ouvvi for reliable scheduled execution you can depend on.


  • Data Synchronisation via Fast Reconciliation Data Compare Engine
  • Automatic Data Source Schema Discovery
  • Export to Flat Files
  • Calculated Columns for NO CODE Transformations
  • Connection Library with Drag and Drop
  • Lookups via Drag and Drop and Calculated Column Expressions
  • Dynamic Columns for Advanced Data Transformation with .NET C#
  • Grouping Analysis Data Provider
  • Write custom code to execute during the Sync process
  • Create Custom Data Providers with .NET SDK
  • SQL Server, OleDb, ODBC, MySQL, Oracle, Access
  • Flat files - CSV, TXT, XML, RSS, Excel, Open XML
  • Active Directory - Users
  • Dynamics CRM - System and Custom Entities, N:N, OptionSets
  • SharePoint - Lists and Document Libraries
  • Amazon - S3
  • Azure - Blob Storage and Table Storage
  • Exchange - Calendars
  • Exchange - Email Messages
  • Podio - App Data, Space Members
  • OData Protocol V2
  • FX Rates
  • Data Generator

Importing Sales Orders to CRM Online from SQL Database

Import + Export 

Easily and Quickly Import and Export data from a variety of Data sources. Use the Import and Export functionality to convert data into different formats.  


Supports many different systems SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, MS SQL Server, ODBC, OleDB, Podio, Exchange Server, CSV, XML, OData and many more.

Displaying Data Changes between Systems

Data Synchronisation

Data Sync uses a powerful reconciliation engine to discover differences between systems. ADD/UPDATE/DELETE Actions discovered automatically by defining Unique Key Column(s).


The reconciliation detects column level changes and only sends the individual changes to the Target eliminating system downtime.


This makes it incredibly easy to synchronize data between systems without having to understand complex data synchronization requirements.

Map columns from the Source to the Target to create the Schema Map


Drag and drop connections between differing systems. Easily discover the schema of your source and target.


Data Sync uses your schema mappings to understand how, what and when to update the underlying systems.

Transform and Create new Columns with .NET C# or use the built-in Powerful functions


Data Sync uniquely offers a NO-CODE and for those who want it a CODE option. 


Build Powerful Transformation Expressions with Excel like Calculated Columns.


Write .NET C# Code in the powerful designer when you need to create something really complex.

View the Changes before committing to the Target System

Visual Results

Data Migration + Integration does not need to be a Black Box, Data Sync displays the results of a Data Comparison right in the UI so you can easily see what Data Changes are going to be applied to the Target before it happens.


This Agile approach to integration gives your testers rapid feedback and reduces the cost of integration.

Transform and Create new Columns with .NET C# or use the built-in Powerful functions


Data Sync is consistently taking advantage of new performance enhancements including multi threading and batch processing. In combination with Ouvvi's parallel project execution, Data Sync + Ouvvi is a clear industry leader in integration performance.


Ouvvi is your Data Operations Management Console, Ouvvi is an Advanced Web Based Scheduler with triggers to enable near real time Synchronisation from data change events in your external systems. Ouvvi keeps all your Data Sync projects in a central SQL Database with automatic version tracking.


  • Integration Project Management
  • Connection Library Management
  • Create multiple isolated instances
  • Date and Time Scheduler
  • Trigger based on External Events
  • Version History with Restore
  • Audit Project changes
  • Read-Only Users
  • Parallel Project Execution
  • Automatic Retry on Failure

View Integration Projects and manage Execution via Web UI

Web UI

Ouvvi is Web Based and runs On-Site on a Microsoft Web stack including web server (IIS) and Database (Microsoft SQL). The familiarity with web interfaces reduces the training requirement and the Active Directory Authentication ensures security remains within your control.

See all Projects and Run Status


The Automation Server is designed to scale redundantly across multiple servers and sites enabling Active-Active, disaster recovery scenarios and high performance distributed integrations.


The separation of Testing and Live environments ensure clean change control in combination with detailed Audit Trails.

Ouvvi Project with Multiple Steps to execute


Manage your Integration tasks though Ouvvi.  Create Projects and Steps and manage execution via Flow Control.


Ouvvi automatically tracks your integration project changes allowing you to easily revert a change made to a project.

Schedule projects to run via Triggers


Ouvvi manages the execution of your Integration Tasks via Triggers. These Triggers can be simple Time Based Schedules or Integration into other systems to detect changes when they happen and create near real-time data Synchronization.

View Integration Project Status over time via Reporting


Use the Powerful Reporting features to see quickly and easily the State of your Integration and Track down any problems quickly and easily.


Failures can automatically send emails to the correct operations team allowing for quick resolution. Detailed debugging logs are also retained linked to the execution instance for root cause analysis.

Generate Integration Project Documentation


No System is complete without documentation. Ouvvi automatically generates system documentation from the Metadata of the Projects and Steps detailing the connected systems and integration mappings.

  • "Data Synchronisation Studio is a powerful data tool that my team uses every day and I have recommended to several other colleagues. Also, their technical support is excellent."
    -  Gregg ShapiroInfrastructure Lead
  • "Data Sync Studio made a huge difference to our integration and migration projects removing the need for expensive code writing. This is an essential in any software toolkit and highly recommended."
    -  Andrew Jarvis, Head of Programme Management at Stonehage
  • "This is the swiss army knife of data synchronisation which offers great value, flexibility and top notch support.
    It is completely reliable and easy to use"
    -  Simon Jackson, Technical Director at Prosperity247
  • "Great product. In two minutes I accomplished something I had been trying to do in SharePoint for ages!
    -  James Cook, Director, Collset