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25 June 2021

The New Run Tool Step Types

A quick look at some of the step types that are available in the new Run Tool release.

7 May 2021

The New and Improved Run Tool

The development of the new Run Tool, what are the new features and what are our plans.

16 March 2021

New Active Directory Connector

An overview of the new Active Directory connector and how it will make your integrations easier.

11 February 2021

Coming Soon: Data Sync V4

A look at the development we have been making on Data Sync and some of our ideas.

29 January 2021

Using Ouvvi Apps to Feed Data into Power BI

How Ouvvi Apps can be used with Power BI to pass and update data in your reports.

19 October 2020

Product Updates October 2020

An overview of changes to the website, Data Sync and Ouvvi. Including the support of OAuth and new connectors.

27 April 2020

Bulk Upload Documents into SharePoint from Excel

How you can upload documents into a SharePoint document library using Data Sync and an excel spreadsheet.

4 September 2019

Introducing Ouvvi Apps

How Ouvvi Apps can make processing your data easier for data consumption, transformation and email reporting.

30 August 2019

Introducing the Data Sync Connector for Pipedrive

Introducing the Pipedrive connector and how you can use it to read an write data to your Pipedrive CRM.

5 July 2019

Data Sync Projects vs Traditional Blocky Workflows

A look at how Data Sync works in comparison to other data integration solutions that use a workflow approach.

2 July 2019

Data Sync Avangate/2Checkout Connector

Introducing the Avangate/2Checkout connector in Data Sync with an example to sync promotional codes to your internal system.

1 July 2019

Data Sync Mailchimp Connector

How to use the Mailchimp connector that has been added to Data Sync to connect to Lists or Member Lists.

7 June 2019

Deploying Ouvvi + Data Sync on Windows 10

How to save money by deploying Ouvvi and Data Sync onto Windows 10 rather than a server.

6 June 2019

Email Address Validation via ZeroBounce

How you can use Data Sync with ZeroBounce to check email addresses are valid.

25 April 2019

Ouvvi DevOps

How you can combine your Ouvvi projects into your DevOps environment using the solution import and export feature.

1 November 2018

Pivot DataSource Columns into Rows

How to pivot your data so that your columns become multiple rows in Data Sync.

24 July 2018

Summer 2018 Release

An overview of the changes that have been made to Data Sync and Ouvvi for the next major release. Including new connectors (in both Data Sync and Ouvvi) and a new way to install and manage Ouvvi.

24 April 2018

Dynamics 365 - Slow Discovery Service

How to connect to Dynamics 365 using the Organization Service endpoint as the discovery service was not performing well.

12 April 2018

Configuration Management

How to manage your Ouvvi configurations between DEV, PROD and UAT instances. Making use of user settings, the connection library and the import and export feature.

12 April 2018

Web API to Start SSIS Package

How to start and monitor an SSIS package in Ouvvi using the Ouvvi web API.

11 April 2018

Managing SSIS Packages

How you can use Ouvvi to manage, run and schedule your current SSIS packages.

10 April 2018

Announcing Ouvvi V4!

An introduction to the new version 4 of Ouvvi, detailing the new features and user interface changes that will be available.

10 December 2017

Migration from AWS to Microsoft Azure SQL DB

How Simego uses there own tools to migrate their back-end database from AWS to Azure SQl DB

5 December 2017

For Each File Handler

How to use the for each file handler in Ouvvi to process files in a folder.

4 December 2017

Ouvvi's New Connection Library

Introducing the Ouvvi connection library and how to use it with your projects.

20 July 2017

Ouvvi v3 and Azure SQL DB Outage

A review of how Ouvvi recovered when there was an Azure SQL database service outage without any assistance.

22 June 2017

Ouvvi v3 Beta

How to install Ouvvi V3 that is currently in beta release and upgrade from V2.5.

11 April 2017

Ouvvi v3 Data Change Set Feature

Details on the new change set feature available in Ouvvi and how you can view and export the data.

7 April 2017

Latest Update on Ouvvi v3

A summary of the changes being made to Ouvvi to improve your project scheduling and organisation.

9 August 2016

Use Visual Studio External Tools with Data Sync

How to run Data Sync projects from Visual Studio by using External Tools.

25 July 2016

Connection Dialog Updated

Changes to the connection window in Data Sync to make it easier to locate connection providers.

29 June 2016

Method to add Change Tracking to SQL Table

How to add change tracking to your SQL tables by adding a time stamp and then use this in your Data Sync projects.

8 June 2016

Dynamics CRM Error Logging

A summary of how the error handling has changed for Dynamics CRM in Data Sync.

3 June 2016

Static Data Provider

Introducing the static data provider, where to find it and how to use it. So you can now store data in Data Sync for use in another project.

1 June 2016

Custom REST Data Sync Provider with Project Automation

Creating a custom REST provider to return data from a Json file using project automation.

1 June 2016

Sending Email Message in Project Automation

Using project automation to send an email message at the end of a synchronisation in Data Sync.

1 June 2016

Output Change Set as XML

Exporting your Data Sync comparison results to an XML file manually and automatically.

19 April 2016

Output Change Set Data

Outputting the changes from your synchronisation results using project automation.

30 March 2016

Converting Integers to GUIDs

How you can quickly merge integers to GUID in Data Sync with calculated columns.

16 March 2016

Incremental Lookups

How to perform and incremental lookup in Data Sync using calculated columns.

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  • Data Sync

    Sam Yost - neXrm Solutions, LLC

    Having been an early adopter of Simego I wanted to let you know how GRATEFULL we are for this tool.
    I have a project that we have to do this weekend which involves a VERY complex Dynamics 365 customization project with HUGE amounts of DIVERSE data.
    I CAN NOT imagine how we would do this without Simego. It is our GO TO solution of choice on about 99% of our data migration and sync. needs.
    You have made our job MUCH better!
  • Ouvvi

    Don Schiavone - OneGas

    Fantastic! I appreciate your quick responses and love your DSS/OUVVI product. I am constantly telling everyone how we use it everywhere and can't imagine life without it. ...we especially love the new functionality that lets you see the data changes in OUVVI.
  • Data Sync

    Nick Panko - CFO Services

    I love this product. My company has been using the Data Sync Studio tool for about a year now, and we love what it has been able to do for us so far.
    We use it frequently for bulk uploading into SharePoint and we recently started using it to help us sync up our SQL database with SharePoint.
    We have only scratched the surface of what this product has to offer.