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7 December 2022

Upcoming Changes to Data Sync and Ouvvi

What changes are coming to Data Sync and Ouvvi in 2023

27 June 2022

Making Dynamics 365 Items Inactive rather than Deleting them

How to use Data Sync to set records in Dynamics Entities to inactive rather than deleting them.

26 May 2022

Performance and Optimisation Strategies for Dynamics Synchronisations

How to make the most out of Data Sync to get the best performance when synchronising data to Dynamics 365 (CRM).

17 May 2022

Creating Dynamics 365 Activity Records

How to use Data Sync to create activity records, such as phonecalls, tasks, appointments and emails in Dynamics 365 (CRM).

10 May 2022

Setting Content Types on SharePoint List Items

Using Data Sync to set content types on SharePoint list items.

6 May 2022

Importing Documents as Attachments in Dynamics 365

Using Data Sync to import documents as attachments in Dynamics 365 (CRM).

3 May 2022

Scheduled Import and Export for Dynamics 365

How you can use Data Sync and Ouvvi to schedule your integrations with Dynamics 365 (CRM)

5 April 2022

Synchronising Data with Dynamics Navision and OData

Using Data Sync to import customer records into Dynamics Navision and export item records to a SQL table.

30 March 2022

Integrating with Salesforce

Using Data Sync to import contact records into Salesforce and export account records to a SQL table.

24 March 2022

Creating Database Scripts from the Schema Map

Using Data Sync to create scripts in SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL to create new database tables based off the schema map.

2 March 2022

Bulk Update Active Directory

Using Data Sync to update large numbers of records in Active Directory.

25 February 2022

Managing Active Directory User Group Membership

Adding and updating groups and group membership in Active Directory using Data Sync.

22 February 2022

Creating New Active Directory Users

Using Data Sync to create new active directory users, set a default password and assign them to a manager and to groups.

18 February 2022

Updating the Active Directory Manager Attribute

Updating the Manager Attribute in Active Directory for existing users.

9 February 2022

Supporting Mongo DB Connections

Announcing the upcoming changes to Data Sync to support Mongo DB. Including how to get the connector and how to connect.

4 February 2022

Sending a Data Set as an Email and Email Attachment

Using the Email DataSet connector to send a dataset as a HTML table and file attachment.

27 January 2022

Import, Export and Update Active Directory Contacts

How you can use Data Sync to import, update and export Active Directory Contacts

21 January 2022

Exporting & Updating Active Directory Computers

How to export and update computer information stored in Active Directory using Data Sync

19 January 2022

Synchronising SharePoint Documents and Metadata

Using Data Sync to update and import documents and metadata columns to a SharePoint Document Library

14 January 2022

SharePoint List and SQL Table 2 Way Synchronisation

How to configure a two way synchronisation between a SQL table and SharePoint list using Data Sync and Ouvvi

11 January 2022

SharePoint List Data Replication with Ouvvi

How you can use Ouvvi to replicate SharePoint lists between sites

7 January 2022

Import Email Messages to a SharePoint Document Library

How you can use Ouvvi and Data Sync to import email messages into SharePoint

5 January 2022

Bulk Upload Documents into SharePoint from Excel

How you can upload documents into a SharePoint document library using Data Sync and an excel spreadsheet.

14 December 2021

Handling SharePoint Lookup Columns

How to write data to multivalue columns and lookup data in other SharePoint Lists

9 December 2021

Import SQL Table to a SharePoint List

How to use Data Sync to easily Import SQL Table to a SharePoint List

8 December 2021

Synchronise Active Directory Users with SharePoint List

Using Data Sync to synchronise Active Directory users with SharePoint List to create a Employee Directory

7 December 2021

Import Files into SharePoint Document Library

How to copy files from your filesystem into a SharePoint Document Library and update the corresponding metadata.

7 December 2021

Synchronise a SharePoint Folder with the File System

Copies Documents from a SharePoint Document Library to a Local Folder

2 November 2021

Updated Dynamics 365, SharePoint & Salesforce Connectors

An overview of the changes to the SharePoint, Dynamics and Salesforce connectors to make connecting quicker and easier. Including an overview of the new trial process.

16 July 2021

Download Dynamics 365 Audit History

Using Data Sync to download the full Dynamics 365 Audit History including the change details.

25 June 2021

The New Run Tool Step Types

A quick look at some of the step types that are available in the new Run Tool release.

5 June 2021

How to integrate with Case Records in Dynamics 365

How to create and close Cases in Dynamics 365 using Data Sync

7 May 2021

The New and Improved Run Tool

The development of the new Run Tool, what are the new features and what are our plans.

1 April 2021

Creating and Importing Data into Custom Entities in Dynamics 365

How to create a custom entity in Dynamics 365 and add data from a SQL database.

16 March 2021

New Active Directory Connector

An overview of the new Active Directory connector and how it will make your integrations easier.

29 January 2021

Using Ouvvi Apps to Feed Data into Power BI

How Ouvvi Apps can be used with Power BI to pass and update data in your reports.

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