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Automated Data Integration, Import, Export and ETL for Dynamics, SharePoint, AD and SQL
Why spend thousands on building out bespoke data integrations when Data Synchronisation Studio can do it for you simply and easily within minutes.

Import and Export your Data

Use Data Sync to Import your data from one data source and export it to another
Data Sync Designer

Use Data Sync to Import your data from one data source and export it to another. Data Sync compares the data between two data sources and identifies the differences. You then apply these differences to make the target the same as the source.

Data Sync can Update existing data as well as add new data. Simply choose a unique key column to identify each row and Data Sync takes care of the rest.

Even if you have a 10 million rows of data the Data Sync comparison engine is fast and efficient enabling you to quickly identify the differences between two data sets.

Mix and match our library of connectors as you need

Connect SQL Server to Salesforce, Salesforce to Dynamics 365 or SharePoint to Active Directory
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Preview your Data Before Syncing

Data Prep and Blend: Ensure you have full visibility of your Data
Preview Data

Preview your source and target data to ensure you are pulling the data you expect.

Not only can you preview your source and target data but you can preview how your data will look before any changes are made.

View the comparison results to quickly see where changes are being made and select only those that you wish to apply the changes to.

Saving you from all of those "oops" moments!

Transform your Data

Data Transformation via No-Code Expressions, C# Code and Lookups
Data Transformation

Use Calculated Columns, Dynamic Columns and Lookup features to make simple and complex data transformations.

Our powerful lookup capabilities mean you can lookup data in other sources, create mapping tables and more.

With Calculated Columns use Excel like functions to apply custom Data Transformation on your row data.

Go beyond the limits of simple expressions and use the .NET Framework with C# to apply complex data transformations in Dynamic Columns.

Schedule your Integration Projects

Reliable Automation, Scheduling and Logging
Ouvvi Scheduling

Any reasonable Data Integration project needs the ability to schedule and automate each project so that you don't need to be there.

Data Sync comes with the ability to schedule and run tasks built in. The Run Tool make use of windows task scheduler, and is great for small integration projects.

However, it's likely you want to run more complex integrations and for those we bring you Ouvvi. Ouvvi provides the ability to set triggers on each of your projects. These can be time based triggers, to run on your schedule, or event based so that your project runs every time there is an update to your system.

You can automate the execution of your Data Synchronisation Studio packages with Ouvvi, Task Scheduler, SQL Agent, Command Line or API.

Customise your Integration Projects

Built in .NET C# code designer and compiler
Project Automation

For those that are feeling confident, you can use C# code to make your project work your way.

With Project Automation you can make use of the .NET Framework to execute your own code before and after the project runs, to hook into the process, meaning that your options are endless.

Use Project Automation to run your own code during the project execution to handle all those edge cases.

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Sam Yost - neXrm Solutions, LLC
Having been an early adopter of Simego I wanted to let you know how GRATEFULL we are for this tool.
I have a project that we have to do this weekend which involves a VERY complex Dynamics 365 customization project with HUGE amounts of DIVERSE data.
I CAN NOT imagine how we would do this without Simego. It is our GO TO solution of choice on about 99% of our data migration and sync. needs.
You have made our job MUCH better!
Don Schiavone - OneGas
Fantastic! I appreciate your quick responses and love your DSS/OUVVI product. I am constantly telling everyone how we use it everywhere and can't imagine life without it. ...we especially love the new functionality that lets you see the data changes in OUVVI.
Nick Panko - CFO Services
I love this product. My company has been using the Data Sync Studio tool for about a year now, and we love what it has been able to do for us so far.
We use it frequently for bulk uploading into SharePoint and we recently started using it to help us sync up our SQL database with SharePoint.
We have only scratched the surface of what this product has to offer.

About Simego

Simego was founded in 2008 by Sean Cleaver, an IT consultant of 20+ years, to enable a different way to connect data.

Originally Data Sync was a tool for SharePoint and has developed over the past 10 years into a comprehensive Data Integration Platform.

We work with customers in a variety of roles, some of which include Developers, Data Analysts, IT Support and Consulting Companies to help them build Data Integration and Migration solutions.