Data Import, Export, Integration and Migration

No SSIS, No Scripts, No Pain, Set-up in minutes, Connect, Compare and Sync.

  • "Data Sync Studio made a huge difference to our integration and migration projects removing the need for expensive code writing. This is an essential in any software toolkit and highly recommended."
    -  Andrew Jarvis, Head of Software Services - IT, Stonehage Fleming
  • "We have used Data Synchronisation Studio now for a number of years, bringing together all our LOB information systems. It is now central to our data information gathering and can honestly say we could not have done without this product"
    -  Janice Laurence, Information Architect at Duncan Lawrie Private Banking
  • "Wow! How did we ever manage without Data Sync Studio? Having upgraded Dynamics CRM and found that our previous import tool did not work, we trialled Data Sync Studio and got it working within two hours. We love the graphical layout that means you don't have to be a CRM techie to be able to use it. Great work guys!"
    -  Simon West, Partner Nett Sales LLP
  • "Data Sync Studio is a great, cost-effective 'glue' that can make the integration aspects of a project work without requiring unnecessary code and expense."
    -  Dan Hare, Director Continuum

A Powerful and Intuitive Development Designer

Easily design complex data integration processes.

Simego Data Synchronisation Studio is a powerful IDE for creating Data Import, Export, Integration and Migration projects. With Data Sync you can quickly and easily create projects to manage your data, simply connect your source Data define the mapping to your target data, compare and sync anything that is different.
Data Sync works with your data in sets just like a SQL Table, comparing these against the Target set using a defined Key to join the records. Working in sets this way is much faster than processing rows one at a time like traditional tools. The result is a series of ADD/UPDATE/DELETE actions to execute against the target to make it the same as the source.

Connect with multiple Data Sources

Data Sync connects with a multitude of data sources, which is updated continuously.

  • SQL Server, OleDb, ODBC, MySQL, Oracle, Access
  • Dynamics CRM - System and Custom Entities, N:N, OptionSets
  • SharePoint - Lists and Document Libraries
  • Active Directory - Users
  • Exchange - Calendars
  • Exchange - Email Messages
  • Flat files - CSV, TXT, XML, RSS, Excel, Open XML
  • Amazon - S3, SimpleDb
  • Azure - Blob Storage and Table Storage
  • Podio - App Data, Space Members
  • OData Protocol V2
  • Data Generator