Data Integration Solution for
SharePoint and Dynamics 365

Meet Data Synchronisation Studio for SharePoint and Dynamics 365

  • Connect with SharePoint, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Navision, Azure, AWS, OData, Salesforce, Podio, Active Directory, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, ADO.NET, ODBC, PostgreSQL, Text, CSV, XML, APIs
  • Save time and automate your complex repetitive Import and Export processes
  • Set-up in minutes, simply Connect, Compare and Sync your Data

Why Choose Simego?

Not only do we have the best in class Data Integration and Migration software, you own the deployment.
There's also no extra charge for standard support!

Ask us anything

If you need help with your project or integration we can help you with guidance, sample code or we might be able to do it for you.

Fast Support

Need support? We are here to help and only an email away. Don't spend time completing forms or talking to bots, send us an email and we will get back to you. Even better, during UK hours our typical Helpdesk response time is only 30 minutes however we guarantee to get back to you within 1 business day.

You're in Control

Data Sync and Ouvvi is hosted by you on your infrastructure, that you manage. If there is a problem you can access the servers to resolve issues quickly rather than depending on a SaaS vendor to get back to you 2-3 days later.

Have a breaking issue?

Wherever possible we try to provide same day code release to fix issues that require a change on our code base. Either way we will keep you in the loop until the issue is resolved.

*There might be charges for crazy support like building new connectors and anything that is really intensive.

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What our Customers say

I have been using DDS for several years now. Most of the time we use it in our Microsoft D365 Customer Engagement implementations. DDS is great for big and/or complex migrations, using smart lookup features it is simple to convert values from the old system to D365 lookup values and option sets. Most of the times we use MS Excel sheets or CSV files as intermediate. But direct connection to the old system using SQL or D365 is possible as well. We also used it to build a integrations. E.g. one that synchronizes MS Excel sheets, by stacking several project steps that execute beautifully.   From retrieving the Excel sheets on SharePoint Online, moving them, combining and comparing data to D365-CE and then archiving the files. Every time I use DDS I'm surprised by its capabilities and speed. The functionality is well documented on the website and gave me enough information to learn the tool al by myself. My advice is to give DDS  a try in your next migration/integration quest!

Marcel Lathouwers Senior Consultant – GAC Business Solution

We have used Data Synchronisation Studio now for a number of years, bringing together all our LOB information systems. It is now central to our data information gathering and can honestly say we could not have done without this product.

Janice Laurence Information Architect – Duncan Lawrie Private Banking

Data Synchronisation Studio is a great, cost-effective 'glue' that can make the integration aspects of a project work without requiring unnecessary code and expense.

Dan Hare CEO – Continuum

This is a great product. It has made light work of an Oracle to SQL migration without the need of coding my own migration program, I am even using DS3 for other daily sync projects. I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone trying to achieve similar goals.

Kelvin Sherratt CRM Developer

Our organization has complex business rules that most companies would charge tens to thousands of dollars to work out for us in the background. We were introduced to Data Sync from Simego and this is one of the BEST tools we could have asked for. Not only is the product fast and easy to use but also our ‘non-tech’ people can use it. In a short few words, Data Sync has made advancements in our organization that has saved us a great deal of time, effort and money.

Anthony Stefani Vice President of Information Systems – ChanceLight™

Data Sync Studio has been the perfect solution to our integration challenges. We have found it very reliable and efficient at connecting to any data source we needed. The program has become vital to our operation, I know we can count on it 100%. The support we have received from the Simego team has been phenomenal.

James Rye IT Manager

Complex, complicated and difficult ... are other tools. Not Data Synchronisation Studio! It is intuitive, impresses with its flexibility and simplified our lives in the construction of many complex interfaces. If time is money, then the Data Synchronisation Studio is worth every penny to save your money and to give you more free time.

Volker Jankowski Information Management