Data Import, Export, Integration and Migration

No SSIS, No Scripts, No Pain.
Set-up in minutes, simply Connect, Compare and Sync.

Built for Data Professionals

Use Data Synchronisation Studio to manage your data whether you need to import files, create SharePoint lists or be confident when updating your database.

Data Synchronisation Studio Core Features

Work with Files, SQL, SharePoint, Dynamics, Office 365 and many other data sources

  • Import + Export

    Import your data from various Data Sources quickly and easily. Apply Schema Mapping and Data Type conversion on the fly and Export your data to various formats.

  • Data Reconciliation

    Compare your Data with the target Dataset and create a difference Change set of ADD, UPDATE and DELETE actions to apply rather than drop all data and re-import.

  • Data Preview

    Preview all your data before any changes are applied and select which data you wish to change. Prevent those Oops moments!

  • Transformation

    Simple and Complex transformations via Calculated Columns, Dynamic Columns and Lookup features.

  • Lookups

    Use powerful Lookups to lookup data in other Data Sources, Create Mapping Transformation tables and more.

  • Connection Library

    Manage your connection configuration via the Connection Library and quickly and easily connect to data sources from the library.

  • Schedule

    Automate the execution of your Data Synchronisation Studio packages with Ouvvi, Task Schedular, SQL Agent, Command Line or API.

  • C# Code

    Use the .NET Framework to create your own powerful Data Transformation Expressions. Execute your own code before and after the project runs and more.

  • API

    Use Project Automation to hook into the process and run custom code.

Why Choose Simego?

Not only do we have the best in class Data Integration and Migration software, you own the deployment.
There's also no extra charge for standard support!

Ask us anything

If you need help with your project or integration we can help you with guidance, sample code or we might be able to do it for you.

Fast Support

Need support? We are here to help and only an email away. Don't spend time completing forms or talking to bots, send us an email and we will get back to you. Even better, during UK hours our typical Helpdesk response time is only 30 minutes however we guarantee to get back to you within 1 business day.

You're in Control

Data Sync and Ouvvi is hosted by you on your infrastructure, that you manage. If there is a problem you can access the servers to resolve issues quickly rather than depending on a SaaS vendor to get back to you 2-3 days later.

Have a breaking issue?

Wherever possible we try to provide same day code release to fix issues that require a change on our code base. Either way we will keep you in the loop until the issue is resolved.

*There might be charges for crazy support like building new connectors and anything that is really intensive.

Ouvvi - For reliable Data Integration, Scheduling and Monitoring

Automate your data integration, document your processes, and monitor your tasks in one simple application.


Ouvvi Automation Server Core Features

Ouvvi brings reliable Run Book Automation and reporting to your Data Integration Tasks

  • Web Interface

    Ouvvi is deployed as a Web Application you can monitor and manage Ouvvi from a Web browser.

  • Reporting

    Reporting will show a daily timeline of project execution and status. Drill down into individual projects to see historical execution statistics.

  • Dashboards

    Create Dashboards to monitor the health and performance of Ouvvi projects.

  • Logging

    All logs from Tasks are stored in the Ouvvi SQL Database, Data Sync tasks can also store a copy of the actual Data change set.

  • Connection Library

    Manage your Data Sync Data source connection library details.

  • Configuration Management

    Create user variables to manage configuration properties and pass these to the Task configuration.

    Use Project Import + Export to migrate project configuration between environments.

  • Multiple Environments

    Deploy multiple isolated Ouvvi environments for example DEV, UAT and PROD.

  • SQL Database

    All configuration is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server Database. Easily backup and restore your complete integration platform.

  • Parallel Execution

    Ouvvi processes tasks from a Queue and will distribute work across multiple processing threads to run Tasks in parallel.

  • Triggers

    Use Triggers to run Tasks either on a Schedule or via external system change events.

  • API

    Call the REST based API to start projects from external systems and monitor the execution progress.

  • Custom Tasks

    Build custom Task Types with Visual Studio and deploy to your Ouvvi Server.


What our Customers say

Data Synchronisation Studio is a great, cost-effective 'glue' that can make the integration aspects of a project work without requiring unnecessary code and expense.

Dan Hare CEO – Continuum

We have used Data Synchronisation Studio now for a number of years, bringing together all our LOB information systems. It is now central to our data information gathering and can honestly say we could not have done without this product.

Janice Laurence Information Architect – Duncan Lawrie Private Banking