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Copies data from one data source to another so that both are equal

Follow a simple uncomplicated Data Integration process

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What is Data Sync ?

Design both simple and complex data integration processes with the Data Sync designer
Simego Data Sync is a visual Windows Application for synchronising data between two data sources. With Data Sync you load your source and target data and then the Data Sync engine calculates a series of ADD, UPDATE and DELETE actions required to make the target the same as the source. By using this method of comparing and synchronising you do not need to define decision based flows to work out the records to ADD, UPDATE or DELETE as this is calculated automatically. Data Sync also calculates UPDATES at the column level rather than update all columns in a record, so only those which are actually different are updated.
The Data Sync comparison engine is more than capable of handling millions of rows of data.
Instead of building out complex processes containing many steps, Data Sync has been designed to complete these in one step.
Data Sync has been built for all data integration needs and skill levels. It can be used by those who want to keep it simple with a NO CODE option, and those that require a more technical integration.
Data Sync supports row level data transformation with virtual columns via no-code simple expressions or for more complex transformation via code with the .NET Framework and C#.
Data Sync has a series of built in connectors that you can utilise to build your integration. You can mix and match these connector as you need.

Data Synchronisation Studio Features

Connect to Files, SQL, SharePoint, Dynamics, Office 365 and many other data sources

  • Import + Export

    Import your data from various Data Sources quickly and easily. Apply Schema Mapping and Data Type conversion on the fly and Export your data to various formats.

  • Data Reconciliation

    Compare your Data with the target Dataset and create a difference Change set of ADD, UPDATE and DELETE actions to apply rather than drop all data and re-import.

  • Data Preview

    Preview all your data before any changes are applied and select which data you wish to change. Prevent those Oops moments!

  • Transformation

    Simple and Complex transformations via Calculated Columns, Dynamic Columns and Lookup features.

  • Lookups

    Use powerful Lookups to lookup data in other Data Sources, Create Mapping Transformation tables and more.

  • Connection Library

    Manage your connection configuration via the Connection Library and quickly and easily connect to data sources from the library.

  • Schedule

    Automate the execution of your Data Synchronisation Studio packages with Ouvvi, Task Scheduler, SQL Agent, Command Line or API.

  • C# Code

    Use the .NET Framework to create your own powerful Data Transformation Expressions. Execute your own code before and after the project runs and more.

  • API

    Use Project Automation to hook into the process and run custom code.

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