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SharePoint List Data Replication with Ouvvi

17 February 2012

It's possible to setup a near real-time bi-directional SharePoint List replicator between different SharePoint Sites/Farms etc. with Ouvvi and Data Synchronisation Studio. Additionally there is nothing to install into your SharePoint environment so it can also work against hosted SharePoint or SharePoint which is locked down by your admins.

Ouvvi 2.0 has a new Trigger for SharePoint Lists which fires whenever items in the list change therefore if you configure a bi-directional Data Sync project and load it into Ouvvi and assign the triggers to the project you can build a replication system.

Here we define a new project in Ouvvi and create a single step which is the 2-Way Data Sync project. (You need to know how to build the 2-Way project with DSID replication columns).


We then define 2 triggers to query each list for changes, by default the triggers are executed every 30 seconds so you should expect the project to be kicked off within 30 seconds of a change (this is what I mean by near real-time).


You then assign the 2 triggers to the project so that whenever each one fires the project is started.


To prevent the project running sync jobs in parallel we define the project as Single Instance this way each start request is queued and only one instance is ever running.

Start Mode

You can also see in the logs when the sync runs how many items were changed.


And view real-time reports of the execution process.


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