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SQL Admin Studio

SQL Server Admin Software for Developers

SQL Admin Studio is a powerful SQL Management Tool (for FREE). You can browse the database schema, design Tables, Triggers, Views, Stored Procedures, Functions and more. Works with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MSDE, 2005, Express, 2008, 2012, SQL Azure, MySQL 5.0 and Microsoft Access.

Main Features

  • Fast access to your database without the bloat
  • Edit Table Data
  • Execute Ad-Hoc SQL Queries
  • Create and Edit Stored Procedures, Views, Functions and Triggers
  • Compare Database Schema and Synchronise the Changes or generate a Change Script.
  • Compare SQL Data and Synchronise the Changes or generate a Change Script.
  • Export Data to Xml, CSV and Excel File Formats
  • Automatic Code Generation from SQL Schema
  • Multi Window Layout
  • Cached database registration for fast start up time
  • 64 Bit and 32 Bit versions

Export Data

SQL Admin Studio provides functions to simply export your data to CSV File, Excel File, XML File and SQL Script file. All this is available from the mini-toolbar on the results window. The result form any SQL Query can be exported into these file types in a matter of seconds.

Import Data

SQL Admin Studio can import data across Servers this allows you to make simple backups of remote databases over the internet by simply importing the data. Importing Microsoft Access Databases into SQL Server or just creating a copy of an existing database.

Compare SQL Database Schema

Can't remember what changes you made to your database schema? SQL Admin Studio can compare 2 SQL Server database schemas to locate the differences and can even script the differences without having to drop all objects and re-create the database from a create script.

Compare SQL Database Data

Simply generate SQL Data Change scripts by comparing the database between databases. Changes can then be executed directly within a transaction or scripted to be applied manually later.

User Code Generation Templates

SQL Admin Studio has a great feature that allows you to write a template that can generate any kind of ASCII Text from the database schema. You can use this to create prototype stored procedures, Data Access Layer Code or just to document the database. This is a great time saving feature of SQL Admin Studio and these Templates can be designed in either VB.NET or C#.

Nant Build Tasks

SQL Admin Studio are a collection of Nant Tasks that allow you the possibility to automate the process of Backup, Restore, Scripting Databases, Scripting Database Schema Differences, Executing Templates and Importing Data from remote SQL Servers.