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Error Starting SQL Admin

This problem can occur when you "Refresh Server" and the process does not complete properly or you end task the application during some save operation of the core configuration files. The application stores a cache of your database list and the server list in XML documents under your profile On Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\<ProfileName>\Local Settings\Application Data\Simego\SQLToolsExplorer

On Windows Vista/7/2008:

C:\Users\<ProfileName>\AppData\Local\Simego\SQLToolsExplorer The quickest way to resolve the issue is to delete all the files in this folder however you can resolve it manually by checking that the XML Documents are not corrupt. Generally you will find that the file is missing an end tag.

File Name Purpose
settings.xml Record your server list with connection details.
{2BF0F4EA-1510-4143-82FB-968692943ECE}.xml Application Settings.
{7FD68FA9-E96C-4607-A2EC-F380255CB1D9}.xml Application Layout Settings.
Server Name.xml Database List Cache for each server connection.

You can safely delete any of the files however if you delete the settings.xml file you will need to delete all the server database cache files as well and then re-connect all your servers. TIP: If you connect to a Server on a Shared Host and your database list is large then you can edit the Database Cache List to only display your database(s).

| Tuesday, March 6, 2012 |