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Importing Active Directory Contacts

This guide shows how you can Import/Export or Synchronise Contact Data with Active Directory with Data Synchronisation Studio. (Requires Data Synchronisation Studio Release 3.0.586 or greater) In this Example we have created a new OU called 'Contacts' that we will Synchronise our Contact Data into.

Active Directory

Connect Data Source A

We have created some sample Data and connected it to Data Source A to Synchronise with Active Directory. In this example we use the UserCode column as our Unique Key and we will store this value in the EmployeeId attribute in Active Directory to maintain the link between records.

Data Source A

Connect Data Source B

We need to specify a correctly formed LDAP Connection such as the one below for this:

LDAP://OU=Contacts,DC=corp,DC=simego,DC=com We also need to modify the LDAPFilter property to return objects of Type 'Contact' for example (&(objectCategory=contact))


Next we need to adjust a few properties on the Active Directory provider to enable the creation of new records in your AD. Set the following properties:

  • SchemaClassName to 'Contact'
  • SchemaItemFormat to '\(FirstName\) \(Surname\)'
  • EnableAdd to 'True'
  • EnableDelete to 'True' (Optional)


Then Setup your Schema Map to Map your Source Columns to Active Directory and in this case using the EmployeeID to Store an Identifier to the Contact record.


Now when you Compare and Synchronise the records are created in your AD.

Active Directory


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