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Integrate Applications with Data Sync

We've been migrating some of the features of Ouvvi into a new Service for Data Synchronisation Studio. This makes it possible to integrate your applications with Data Sync to initiate the Sync when data actually changes to create almost real-time data synchronisation. For example in SharePoint you might develop a List Event Handler that calls this Service to initiate a Sync when a List Item has been changed. The service is really easy to setup and configure, this time we have No Database, No IIS etc. You simply install the service, set the user account, configure the settings in the ini file and start.


  • Time of Day Triggers
  • Time Interval Triggers
  • Remote Project Start
  • Remote Log View
  • Project Re-try
  • Queue based execution

We also have an interactive debug console so you can see what's happening in real-time inside the Sync service.

Debug Console

There's also a Web Status site where you can view the configuration, view the log, remotely start Data Sync projects. (does not use IIS)


All configuration is via a simple ini file like this, so it's really easy to configure. (ini file as it's easier than Xml for end users to work with)


To initiate a Sync project from a remote application you just have to send a HTTP request like this http://localhost:4000/Start/myproject to the Sync service, this then registers the job in the Job Queue and to start it immediately you send another HTTP request to http://localhost:4000/wake/datasync. If you do not send the Wake Request then the job will start the next time the Data Sync process runs i.e. 30 seconds.

This application is currently in private beta if you are a current Data Sync customer would like to know more please contact us at the usual address.

| Monday, May 9, 2011 |