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Integration with Podio

Here at Simego we love Podio so it was natural that we developed a connector for Podio that would allow us to integrate Data from our LOB systems into Podio.

Out of the Box Podio lets you import Excel sheets and a few other options. But we need something that we can run on a Schedule which can take information captured through our Website and ensure it ends up in Podio.

We've made this all a bit too easy, simply connect Data Sync to your Source data and use the new Podio data provider. If your working with Contacts then you should use the Contacts provider. Set the Credentials which goes through the OAuth song and dance and then choose the Space in Podio to connect.


Then Map your data just as you would any other system, you need a Unique Key to relate records and Podio exposes a nice external_id column you can use to store the ID from your source system.


Then run through the normal Compare and Sync process and your new data will then be synchronised with data in Podio.




| Friday, February 22, 2013 |